Appearing as “Yen-Boi” a Supporting Role in TV Series XIII2 Ep 12 “Berzerk”

img_5450I landed a supporting role at the action TV show “XIII” season 2 episode 12 “Berzerk”, playing a 13-year-old Chinese boy Yen-Boi setting in Shanghai.  I filmed from July 19th to July 27th, 2012 and had enjoyed it greatly.  One of the interesting things was, I was pleasantly surprised to find out my Kung Fu master – Sifu Alan Tang, whom I trained Wushu (Kungfu) with since age 7 in Sunny Tang Martial Arts School in Scarborough, was the stunt double for me in this show!  When he showed up onset, I was like “wow!”

I started to train Wushu (a.k.a. Kungfu, a type of Chinese martial arts) at age 7 and sort of stop training for competitive martial arts at age 12 after I competed in Canadian National Wushu Championships, because my feet were feeling a bit weird perhaps from some minor injuries during training, and my mom worried that I might not be able to grow tall if I kept training Wushu due to all those stretching I had to do every day lol.

Well, I am 5’8″ at age 14, so I guess height isn’t becoming a problem at all! 😛
Some on-set still images can be seen over here.

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