Benny On-set for KFC Commercial – Behind the Scene

Benny on set shooting KFC Commercial 2013

It was May 24th, 2013, a windy and cold night in Toronto. Benny arrived on location for KFC commercial shooting around 6:30pm. He was taken in for wardrobe shortly and went on set for blocking, preparing for the shoot later at night.

image-e1369510948495There was sun then, but the temperature had dropped and it was cold. But the scene was set for a hot summer night KFC dinner party on a family patio, so all cast were dressed in summer outfit on set. Well, it’s not fun when it’s so cold and you have to dress little though. But actors are all professionals. So is Benny. 🙂

When they were waiting for the camera to roll, they had blankets wrapping around to keep warm, but when it’s time to shoot, they all got the blankets off and smiled, ate and chatted as if they were having a lot of fun, except, their jokes at the table were all about how cold it was and how they could get through this coldness in summer outfit :p .

Benny had ate a couple of drum sticks during the filming, weren’t the greatest freshly made ones but it’s work ;). By 1:30am he was wrapped for the night. As he put on his hoodie and walked to the car, yawning, he said,”I will collapse as soon as I get in the car.”

And he did. He fell asleep crunching in the seat on the way home. 🙂

But it was still a fun night shooting!

Now let’s wait to see what the commercial looks on TV!

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