My first acting job in “Being Erica” 2

nn-beingerica3It is wonderful and a lot of fun filming “Being Erica 2” when I was on set yesterday.  My call time was 5:30pm and I worked until mid-night before I got “wrapped” (that”s the film industry term of “done for the day”).  I got a bit stomach ache around 9pm because I didn”t eat for too long 🙁 but the crew were so nice to me, they made me a toasted sandwich and shuttled me back to the base camp to my little room in the trailer so that I could lay down and rest.  I soon resumed my energy and went back on set to finish filming.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the cool thing is I got a little unit/room in the trailer in the base camp where I could rest and change to my costume 😛 .  There”s a little TV, radio and bed in there, and the name of the character I played is at the door.  Erin (the actress who plays Erica) is super nice and a great actress.  I worked with her a lot in the scenes I did, along with about 15 background actors (all kids around my age).  It was just fun and exciting!  I was a bit exhausted after wrapped because by the time I got home, it was past 1am!! 😐

Here is a clip of me in “Being Erica” season 2 “Cultural Revolution” and behind-the-scenes of making it.  Click on the thumbnails below to view the videos!

Click to Watch Video Click to Watch Video

Also check out some of the behind-the-scenes still images :).

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