Benny as Owen in “Girl in the Goldfish Bowl”

Benny Feng in Play Girl In The Goldfish BowlBenny played one of the main characters – Owen in an UHS drama show “Girl in the Goldfish Bowl” in May. “Girl in the Goldfish Bowl” is a 2003 Governor General’s Award winning play by Canadian playwright Morris Panych.

Set in Steveston, British Columbia near Vancouver in the 1960s, it tells the story of a young girl named Iris who is preoccupied with the events leading up to what she describes as “the last few days of her childhood.” After the death of her goldfish, Amahl, she finds a man washed up on the beach and thinks he is the reincarnation of Amahl. She brings the stranger back to her home thinking he can bring her family together again.

Although the materials seem a bit of deep, Benny managed to deliver an impressive performance.

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“The 99” Producer Thanked Benny For His Work

546285_349337098446129_1667124064_nBenny received a little surprising gift – a magnet badge of the character he provided his voice to in the animation series “The 99” – Wassi, which the producer of “The 99” sent to Benny as a token of appreciation of his work in the production.

In this animation series, Benny played the character Wassi the Vast who can temporarily make any part of him bigger or smaller, whether its his hands or nose… or even his toes! Benny landed this role as his 2nd project after he got in the industry and before he became an ACTRA member. Since this production isn’t an ACTRA production, due to the conflict, Benny had to apologize to not going back to the show when invited after he worked in this production for 23 episodes.

In “The 99” , the 23  episodes  in which Benny featured as Wassi/Ashok are:

  1. Ice Storm (????) – Wassi the Vast
  2. A Rock and a Hard Place (????) – Ashok/Wassi (voice)
  3. The Wisdom (????) – Wassi the Vast
  4. Rampage in Rome (????) – Ashok/Wassi (voice)
  5. Siege of Seville (????) – Wassi the Vast
  6. Darr the Afflicter (8 July 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  7. Noora the Light (15 July 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  8. Jabbar the Powerful (22 July 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  9. The 99 Unbound (29 July 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  10. Fattah the Opener (5 August 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  11. Rise of the Red Shroud (12 August 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  12. Blackwolf (19 August 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  13. Legacy (26 August 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  14. The Power of One (2 September 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  15. A Candle in Darkness (16 September 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  16. Time and Again (7 October 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  17. Trial (14 October 2012) – Ashok/Wassi (voice)
  18. Return (4 November 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  19. Origins (18 November 2012) – Ashok/Wassi (voice)
  20. Second Chances (2 December 2012) – Wassi the Vast
  21. Defect (9 December 2012) – Ashok/Wassi (voice)
  22. Triad of Triads Part 1 (16 December 2012) – Ashok/Wassi (voice)
  23. Triad of Triads Part 2 (23 December 2012) – Ashok/Wassi (voice)




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